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Catherine Gregory is not working at the moment

Due to an unexpected illness, Catherine is currently unable to work.  She will amend this notice when and if she returns to Psychotherapy.

Affordable therapy with Catherine Gregory

If you think there is something not quite right in your life, or feel like you need a change or development, but aren’t sure where to start, come along; have a conversation and we can see if we can work out what’s going on for you. The aim of therapy is to provide you, the client, with a confidential opportunity to explore personal and relational issues in safety.

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When the world is turbulent, everything can seem overwhelming, even the little things that used to be easy to deal with. This can have an impact on everything from work to relationships; sex and exercise; sleep, food and home life. 

I am a relational integrative therapist which means I use differing approaches to work with your uniqueness and how we meet each other. I believe that it is the relationship between us that counts as we meet as two people.

I see my life as a continuous learning curve, having children (and miscarriages) taught me patience, being in long and short-term relationships and practising ethical non-monogamy has taught me adaptability and compromise; and losing loved ones to illness, cancer or accident has made me appreciate the people in my life.

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How I Work

I see clients for an hour at a time once a week. 

To ensure open discussions of the issues you want to bring to counselling I maintain confidentiality in accordance with the ethical code of the Welsh Psychotherapy Institute which is my training body. They are part of the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

I charge £45 for an hour-long session. This can be paid in cash or bank transfer.

I am a UKCP Psychotherapist in Training with the Welsh Psychotherapy Institute in Cardiff, and I am a volunteer counsellor with Footsteps Counselling and Care in Gloucester.

Get in Touch

I’m a Counsellor and UKCP Psychotherapist in Training and offer Affordable Therapy from a quiet corner of my garden. I also offer Zoom sessions or walking from my home in Brockworth, Gloucestershire. I provide a peaceful space and friendly welcome for you to discuss what’s on your mind. I am interested in what has brought you here, what your story is and how we can work things out together.

I have been employed in a variety of organisational and people-focused roles in my working life. This includes personal assistant, team secretary, youth worker and ante-natal teacher, in various settings such as industry, the voluntary sector, private enterprise and the NHS.

I was, until recently, event and backstage manager with Slapstick Festival in Bristol and currently co-ordinate the Supervision Diploma for Severn Talking Therapy. I have now finished my taught part of the Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapy, building on the Counselling Skills and Studies Certificates that I have already achieved. I am a volunteer counsellor with Footsteps Counselling and Care in Gloucester.